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The QualityTime app is now owned and managed by Mobidays based in South Korea.

Mobidays is a leading global mobile marketing company which connects and mediates domestic and international advertisers, advertising agencies, general media rep. with major mobile mediums. Mobiday’s foremost value lies in giving the best advertising efficiency to advertisers and the most profit to mobile mediums.

Mobidays is doing business with around 100 advertising agencies, Ad Network, SSP, DSP, Ad Exchange etc from over 20 countries in order to act as a forefront window which connects domestic mobile markets with the world. It also founded and operates a Mobile Advertisement Research Institute which aims to provide the latest information as well as opinions from domestic mobile markets.

Mobidays takes pride in its love towards mobile advertisements and can proudly and confidently say that it is the best in terms of mobile advertisements and will help you build a successful business.

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